Dominion [Official Music Video]

Dear friends,

This weekend people in every country in the world are celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh.

There’s a flood of artistic expressions being generated by the event and I’m delighted to share with you a brand new music video.

Making a music video was one of the special ‘stretch goals’ of the Year of the Nightingale Kickstarter Campaign.

So between my travels this year I teamed up with
– audio-visual engineer Antimo Kelly Puca (
– and drone-pilot/filmmaker Kirk Watson (
to produce a video for Dominion, the final song on Year of the Nightingale.

I continue to feel extremely fortunate to have had your support in making not only the album, but this video too.

To everyone who so generously helped make Year of the Nightingale a reality…

This video is for you! Happy Bicentenary! 🎉


To explore more artistic expressions of the Bicentenary,

Direct YouTube Link:

Year of the Nightingale is available at



New Film: The Making of Year of the Nightingale

Dear friends,

A 25-minute documentary about Year of the Nightingale has been produced by Persian Bahá’í Media Services.

The film has just been released in advance of the Bicentenary Celebrations happening around the world this weekend.

It’s available in both English and Persian and includes interviews with Kelly Snook and Diane Badie.

Many thanks to PBMS and everyone involved in making this film. Hope you enjoy it!



Year of the Nightingale is available at
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Love 4 Puerto Rico

Over the past 6 months, many of you have gotten to know my dear friend Dr Muni Tahzib, who has provided endless help in managing my music tours of the US. Without Muni’s sacrifices and support – and the help of her kids, Max, Maya and Juliet – neither the East Coast Tour nor the Southern Tour would have been possible.

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, Muni gathered a team of her fellow medical doctors and launched Love 4 Puerto Rico – a grassroots initiative to bring medical aid and supplies to the people on the island.

The devastation and emotional trauma caused by the hurricane is horrendous, and Muni and her team are now on the ground in Puerto Rico providing medical and psychological aid to the people.

BUT THEY NEED OUR HELP! Please take a moment to watch Muni’s video below describing the real situation in Puerto Rico and consider donating if you are able. Love4PR has partnered with Health for Humanity ( and all donations are earmarked for this initiative (and are 100% tax-deductible)

You can donate directly to Love4PR here:

And please share the Love4PR campaign with your social networks at

To Dr. Tahzib and the whole Love4PR team – you are an inspiration!


Click to watch the video



Goodbye from Texas

I’m always a little sad to leave the US… A lot of the music I’ve been playing on tour was written in this country and I always feel inspired to write more when I come here.

Here’s a video message for everyone who, in spite of all the hurricanes, still took me in and helped me along the road on the #YearOfTheNightingale #SouthernTour

I’m gonna miss y’all!

Luke x

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Goodbye from Texas



Live at Mark Rothko Chapel

Dear friends,

Today at 12 noon US Central Time, I’ll be playing at Houston’s Rothko Chapel (

Named after artist Mark Rothko, whose meditative paintings adorn the interior, “The Rothko Chapel… became the world’s first broadly ecumenical center, a holy place open to all religions and belonging to none. It became a center for international cultural, religious, and philosophical exchanges, for colloquia and performances. And it became a place of private prayer for individuals of all faiths.” – from Wikipedia

Healing After Harvey

The Chapel, recently nominated by Towfigh Press as “one of the most beautiful modern places in the country”, is hosting a series of events to provide a space for the people of Houston to grieve and heal from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey.

From 12-1pm today, I’ll be collaborating with speaker Abbas Mahvash to share some live music in the Chapel and present some Bahá’í perspectives on meditation and prayer, as well as a Buddhist meditation on the cultivation of loving-kindness.

If you are in the Houston area, do come along and help us cultivate some loving-kindness in the wake of the hurricane.

For full details, click here. (Map to Rothko Chapel here)


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Click for more pics of the Rothko Chapel


A Request from the Road

Hi friends,

While hurricane-dodging on my US Southern Tour, I’m working on new ways of sharing my music and travels with more people around the world.

I’ve just begun a video-diary of my road trip through the South and I’d like to ask you for two little favors to help me share my music and videos with you more easily:

If you enjoy my work…

1) please visit, click Follow, then click Edit Notification Settings (or the little pencil beside Notifications), then select All Posts and All Live Posts.

2) then please visit and click Subscribe. I’ve just posted the first video-diary there!

Through Facebook and Youtube, I’ll be able to share more music with you and we can stay all the more connected – even while on the road. 🚙💨🌪🌪🌪

Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia!

Visiting the ‘Education is Not a Crime’ mural in Atlanta, Georgia.

US Southern Tour 2017

Friends in America! I’m coming to The South!

I’d love to meet you along the road on my ‘Year of the Nightingale’ US Southern Tour this September/October.

Details in the video below! Tour dates at

Facebook Video:              YouTube:


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