Have You Heard – Piano Sheet Music

On my travels this year, I’ve been delighted to find so many people learning the songs from Year of the Nightingale!

With less than three months until the celebration of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh on October 21/22, many friends have also been asking me for the piano music for Have You Heard, a song about the common teachings of many different religions.

I’m honored that people wish to learn this song so I’ll be releasing the sheet music this weekend for you to download.

The download will include both:

– the printable piano music and
– a download of the ‘live version’ of the song
(as heard on YouTube here)

Look out for the download this weekend!


Piano Sheet Music Available this weekend! https://youtu.be/akIYAv-iSak



LIVE NOW: Year of the Nightingale with Diane

Hi friends!
Diane and I are NOW LIVE in California on facebook.com/lukeslott, singing songs from Year of the Nightingale together for the first time since the album was released.

Hope you can listen in and enjoy the harmonies!

UPDATE: Live with Diane

At the last minute we’ve decided to Facebook Live two events this weekend instead of one!

Diane Badie will be joining me on vocals for both events.

Tonight!! (Saturday) at 7:30PM Pacific Time:
A Musical Journey through Bahá’í History

Tomorrow (Sunday) at 12:00PM Pacific Time: Year of the Nightingale Live with Diane Badie 

Both events will be broadcasted live from San Clemente, California on facebook.com/lukeslott

Hope you can join us for either/both!

Live with Diane this Weekend

Many friends have commented on the beauty of Diane Badie’s vocal contributions to Year of the Nightingale.

People constantly ask me, ‘WHO IS THAT VOICE?!’

Diane (who I’m proud to boast is my sister-in-law) and I rarely get to sing together, simply due to distance. This weekend, however, I’m traveling to Southern California for a special weekend of music with Diane.

This will be a rare occasion for us to sing the songs from Year of the Nightingale TOGETHER LIVE. It will be the first time for us to sing together since the album was released!

On Sunday July 30 we’ll be playing songs from the album live at the San Clemente Bahá’í Centre.

I don’t want you to miss this so we will be Facebook Live-ing the 30-minute set at 12:00 noon Pacific Time at facebook.com/lukeslott

(Full details for the event are here)

I hope you can tune in on Sunday!

Amrika! Amrika!

Back home now after a brief but joyful trip to Finland, I’m reflecting on my two months in America and wanted to express my admiration for the people I had the privilege of working with on my recent tour of the East Coast.

In the seven states I visited, I gained a glimpse of the inspiring grassroots efforts that so many people are making to build a happy and peaceful future for America and the whole world. For the day that’s in it, this poem is for my American family.
Happy 4th of July.
Luke x

Amrika! Amrika!
Thy Cause! Thy Cause
has pressed with firm hands its seeds
into the soils of America
and raised up a forest
as a shelter for the nations.

I have seen the long haul.

Amrika! Amrika!
Thy Cause! Thy Cause
has bound New York City
in a covenant of wonder
and made of the Garden State
a garden of delight.

I have seen the distant shore.

I have watched the hidden particles
dancing on the lawns of Maine
and tasted of the crystal rivers
gushing from the stones of Massachusetts.
I have emptied my gaze
into the libraries of Maryland
and scattered the ashes of my heart
in the healing greens of Virginia.
I have seen the long haul.

I have witnessed the flowers of independence
blossom in Pennsylvania
and watched the tyrant masters bow
before their slaves. My ribs
have shattered
under the white rapids
of forgiveness.
I have seen the distant shore.

Amrika! Amrika!
Thy Cause! Thy Cause
has painted a veil of light
from Acre to Acre,
grey to green.
I have seen the colours merge!
I have watched the shadows falter and retreat!
I have seen America!
I have seen Thy Cause!
I have seen the long haul!

America! America!
Thy Cause! Thy Cause
has not been forgotten
nor has the light of your Lady’s torch
been quenched –
merely hidden.
I have felt its warmth being kindled
in the secret cities of your children.
I have heard its songs being chanted
in the fertile universe of your young,
its name echoing into eternity, saying…

‘Sorrow not!’
‘Retrace your steps!’
‘Neither sigh and weep!’

But if you must,
weep, then, for a moment.
Even liberty once wept
in chains
in the blackest of pits.

Leaving the US (…for now)

Just a few words of thanks to everyone on the East Coast of the US who helped put this tour together… Missing you already!

Facebook Live Concert Tonight, 7:30 EST

Dear friends! Please join me in about 30 minutes (at 7:30PM EST) for a Facebook Live Concert at facebook.com/lukeslott. I’m at the midpoint of my East Coast US Tour and I’ll be live-streaming tonight’s ‘Evening of Music & Stories’ – live from Washington! I’d love you to join in, wherever you are. Luke


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