Year of the Nightingale [Coming Soon]

Dear friends,

Happy 2017!

The recording of my new album Year of the Nightingale is on schedule and set for release in the springtime – I can’t wait to share it with you!

While working on the album, I’ve been writing a series of updates about the recording process for all my Kickstarter supporters. Rather than keeping these updates exclusive to Kickstarter, I wanted to share them here on my blog, in case they are a useful resource for any music-makers interested in learning about recording. Here are the links:

The Recording Process, Part 1: Consulting on Songs

The Recording Process, Part 2: Tracking

The Recording Process, Part 3: Editing

The Recording Process, Part 4: Mixing

The Recording Process, Part 5: Mastering

On another note… 

Several guitarists among you have asked me for the guitar tablature of the Arabic song I learnt while in the Middle East last summer. During the holidays, I had some time to type it up for you. Here it is for you to download via Dropbox and GoogleDrive. I hope you enjoy playing it!

Sobhanaka Guitar Tab (Dropbox link)

Sobhanaka Guitar Tab (GoogleDrive link) 

My best wishes to all of you for a brilliant 2017,



A Trip to The Middle East

Dear Friends and Listeners,

Greetings from the Gulf! Last night I arrived in Kuwait International Airport and today I begin a new and exciting musical adventure – a month-long tour of concerts, musical presentations and music workshops around the Middle East. As well as Kuwait, I’ll be playing in Oman, Bahrain and the UAE throughout June. I can already feel the warm (scorching!!) embrace of Arab hospitality and am looking forward to making new friends in this amazing part of the world.

Just before leaving the UK, I spent a few days in the recording studio with producer/sound engineer Kelly Snook, working on some new music which I’m looking forward to sharing with you soon. For now, I thought I’d send you a short clip from the studio so you can hear some of the music Kelly and I are working on.

I hope you are all well and hopefully I’ll see some of you here in the Gulf over the coming weeks.

As always, my deepest thanks for your support,

Luke x