Shirin Sahba’s Painting

Dear friends,

I’m thrilled to share with you Shirin Sahba‘s stunning new painting, specially commissioned for the cover of Year of the Nightingale.

When Shirin agreed to paint the album cover, I knew the artwork was in good hands. Midway through recording, I sent her a handful of half-finished songs to listen to and left her to it. When she sent me this a few months later, my jaw hit the floor. The painting is now with designer Jamie Hanrahan, being set out for the album cover.

Thank you Shirin! (click the painting to see the full-size image!)

To see more of Shirin’s work check out her blog

Shirin Sahba’s new painting, commissioned for the cover of Year of the Nightingale (click to see the full-size image)




Year of the Nightingale [Coming Soon]

Dear friends,

Happy 2017!

The recording of my new album Year of the Nightingale is on schedule and set for release in the springtime – I can’t wait to share it with you!

While working on the album, I’ve been writing a series of updates about the recording process for all my Kickstarter supporters. Rather than keeping these updates exclusive to Kickstarter, I wanted to share them here on my blog, in case they are a useful resource for any music-makers interested in learning about recording. Here are the links:

The Recording Process, Part 1: Consulting on Songs

The Recording Process, Part 2: Tracking

The Recording Process, Part 3: Editing

The Recording Process, Part 4: Mixing

The Recording Process, Part 5: Mastering

On another note… 

Several guitarists among you have asked me for the guitar tablature of the Arabic song I learnt while in the Middle East last summer. During the holidays, I had some time to type it up for you. Here it is for you to download via Dropbox and GoogleDrive. I hope you enjoy playing it!

Sobhanaka Guitar Tab (Dropbox link)

Sobhanaka Guitar Tab (GoogleDrive link) 

My best wishes to all of you for a brilliant 2017,