Love 4 Puerto Rico

Over the past 6 months, many of you have gotten to know my dear friend Dr Muni Tahzib, who has provided endless help in managing my music tours of the US. Without Muni’s sacrifices and support – and the help of her kids, Max, Maya and Juliet – neither the East Coast Tour nor the Southern Tour would have been possible.

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, Muni gathered a team of her fellow medical doctors and launched Love 4 Puerto Rico – a grassroots initiative to bring medical aid and supplies to the people on the island.

The devastation and emotional trauma caused by the hurricane is horrendous, and Muni and her team are now on the ground in Puerto Rico providing medical and psychological aid to the people.

BUT THEY NEED OUR HELP! Please take a moment to watch Muni’s video below describing the real situation in Puerto Rico and consider donating if you are able. Love4PR has partnered with Health for Humanity ( and all donations are earmarked for this initiative (and are 100% tax-deductible)

You can donate directly to Love4PR here:

And please share the Love4PR campaign with your social networks at

To Dr. Tahzib and the whole Love4PR team – you are an inspiration!


Click to watch the video




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