Dear friends –

Today Year of the Nightingale is officially released.

That means the album is now available to everyone, everywhere, at the online store of your choice.

The day of an album release is always a day for celebration but I feel a quiet calm surrounding today’s release. The real celebration happened 7 months ago – on September 1st 2016 when a community of friends got together on Kickstarter and, in the space of 24 hours, raised the funds to make this happen. If anything, the album itself is a celebration of community.

On my website, I’ve created a new ‘Community’ page to acknowledge everyone who has supported the making of the album. If you’re a Kickstarter, you’ll find your name at

From the inside, today feels like the end of a long journey. Sharing the songs, their stories and our creative process with you during the last month has felt like a special gift and it’s a period that Kelly and I, and all the musicians on the album will always treasure.

But today really marks the true beginning of the life of the album as it wanders out into the world to create a story of its own. Who knows where it will go or whose ears it will reach… Whoever it reaches, we hope it brings them a little of whatever they’re in need of – comfort, healing, patience, freedom, peace.

Later this year, Kelly and I will begin production on the Twin Album due for release in 2019. In the meantime, you can find Year of the Nightingale on iTunes, Spotify and, of course,

With my deepest thanks always,

Luke x



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