The Transformation of Music

Hi friends,

I hope you are enjoying our slow-release journey through the songs of Year of the Nightingale. It has been incredibly heartwarming to receive your messages over the last two weeks and to know that you are enjoying the songs.

With 3 songs still to come, I wanted to invite you a little deeper into my musical collaboration with Kelly Snook by sharing with you an example of the transformation that a song can go through when in the hands of a producer with as much musical sensitivity and creativity as Kelly.

Below is a live acoustic rendition of a song called Seek No Other (recorded in a garden not far from Kelly’s studio).

This is the song as it was originally composed for voice and guitar.

Tomorrow the studio version of Seek No Other – produced by Kelly and featuring Diane, Ian, Adam and Anwar – will be released. It is one of our favorites on the album and we deeply hope that you enjoy it (and perhaps even learn to sing it yourself!)

Personally I find this transformative musical process absolutely thrilling. A great producer knows how to breathe new life into a song and that’s exactly what Kelly does.

Look out for the studio version of Seek No Other tomorrow at 6:15am, Tehran Time – on the Facebook Event.




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