Part 5: Hiatus 🌍

For four years, the unfinished songs lay dormant on Kelly’s hard drive but our time away from the project proved to be an important period of musical development for all of us.

A major British recording artist, Imogen Heap, had plucked Kelly out of her career at NASA and shipped her, along with her firetruck and all her possessions, across the Atlantic to manage her state-of-the-art recording studio in the English countryside and to develop new forms of music technology on a full-time basis.

Moving between New York, Los Angeles and London, Diane began work on Lesser Pieces – her new collaboration with my brother Mike – and her immersion in the writing and recording of that project was causing exponential growth in her skill as a vocalist.

Back in Dublin, I played piano on the streets for a living and began exploring alternative ways to record my songs. I decided to go back to basics and record some of the very first prayers I had set to music during those early days in New York.

I recorded Create in Me a Pure Heart with nothing but my guitar, and soon after that, The Light of Unity, for which I returned to Philadelphia, specifically to have Ian and Anwar provide the rhythm section.

But for all of us, “the album” remained in the back of our minds, waiting to be finished.

Below is Create in Me a Pure Heart, recorded during our break from work on Year of the Nightingale.



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