1 Week = 2 Albums

Dear Friends,

On Friday September 30th (one week from today), the Kickstarter Campaign for ‘Year of The Nightingale’ will end.

Everyday I continue to be amazed as more and more people pledge their support for the project. As of now, 384 people have pledged $40,247 towards the album!

Because your response has been so overwhelmingly positive, I’m presenting a Special New Goal for the final 7 days of the Campaign: A Twin Album.

If, by September 30th, we reach a special fundraising goal of $50,000, we will have a budget not only to complete Year of The Nightingale (and create a music video) but ALSO to commence work on a second ‘Twin’ album to be released in 2019, when the Bahá’í Community and friends will celebrate the 2nd important anniversary of this period, the Bicentennial of the Birth of The Báb (1819-1850), another central figure in Bahá’í history.

To thank you for your contributions to the project, I’m offering rewards such as house-concerts, music weekends for you and your community, and a special studio masterclass with myself and Kelly Snook, who is producing and recording the album. All the details are on the official campaign page: www.lukeslottkickstarter.com 

I’d be so grateful if you’d continue to spread the word about the campaign for these final 7 days. If enough people are interested in supporting the project, we will be able to produce two albums in honour of these two special years.

With endless thanks for your incredible support,
Luke x




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