A look back on the road

Midway through November, I finally arrived home to my own bed for the first time in 6 weeks, and after catching up on a backlog of emails (and sleep!) I’ve been settling back into life in Dublin and reflecting on the joys and lessons of my recent UK ‘house-concert’ tour.

When I first began coordinating this tour, I didn’t really know that many people around the UK, but I started off by contacting some friends in England and Scotland, and with a little bit of networking and a whole lot of goodwill, 5 dates turned into 10 dates, and 10 dates into 20 dates, and 20 dates into a grand total of 42 dates – from Dublin to Northern Ireland, then from Scotland to the South… and then from the South to Scotland again.

When I think back on the logistics of a ‘self-managed’ tour, I marvel at how little went wrong, or I should say, how much went right. Apart from that one night when I locked myself out of my car (with all my equipment inside it) and, after an hour of trying to jimmy the door open with a coat hanger, I finally had to put a brick through the window and drive to the venue with the cold October breeze blowing in my ear – apart from that, things went miraculously smoothly. Each day flowed softly into the next, and each evening, as I drove from one city to another, I found my smiling concert hosts waiting with open arms and kettles boiled.

A part of me wished I could have just kept on going in my little blue Nissan Micra, perhaps across the water and on into France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, and why not all the way up and across Russia and China?!?!? But perhaps that kind of tour can wait a little while. Besides, there’s plenty of work to get back to here in Ireland. Speaking of which, I’ve been immersed in practice since I came home, preparing some new songs to be released in the spring of 2012. Tomorrow morning, I’ll head into the studio to start recording the piano parts.

My heart is filled with gratitude to all my dear friends – old and new! – who so graciously hosted my humble house-concerts on this tour, and to all the lovely people who attended the concerts for giving me the great privilege of sharing my music with your precious ears. I wish I could reach out to each one of you to let you know what a delight it was to meet you all, to visit your towns and cities and to play in your homes, but hopefully the likes of Facebook will enable us to find each other and keep in touch for many years to come. You are all a precious part of my own musical/spiritual/four-wheeled journey.



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