Capital D for Dublin

Last week my piano and I were honoured to receive an invitation to appear on Capital D – a documentary television show about Dublin and Dubliners.

Seizing a rare window of sunshine after a pretty rainy summer in Dublin, the director of the show arrived at our house and filmed the early-morning process of me and my dad wheeling my piano out of the house and into the van, and – at the other end – out of the van onto the cobbles of Grafton St in Dublin’s city centre to busk for the day. We were lucky with the weather and I’m excited to see the footage!

Capital D‘ will be aired tomorrow, Thursday 22nd September, at 7:00pm (GMT) on RTE One, Ireland’s national broadcasting station. 

On another note, THANK YOU all for the tremendous support in helping me to spread the word about the free download of the ‘acoustic version’ of ‘A Few Honest Words’ from my upcoming E.P. (You just can’t beat word-of-mouth so your support is much appreciated!) And it’s been great fun getting your feedback and ideas about what you would do with the song if you were the producer!

On Saturday 1st October, the official version of ‘A Few Honest Words‘ will be released and I’m sure you’re going to love astrophysicist/producer Kelly Snook‘s studio skills.

Enjoy your week!



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