A Special Gift

Carmel Nights

I had a fantastic weekend playing at the Carmel Nights event in London and launching the new ‘Create in Me a Pure Heart’ CD.

A big thanks to everyone who came to the concert – I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did. And a big thank you, of course, to the Carmel Nights organisers, and to Naim, Anna McDonald and Atef – and their bands – for their excellent performances. Shout-outs to Kalim and Isi too for their awesome beat-box/didgeridoo battles!

To make the launch of ‘Create in Me a Pure Heart‘ extra special, my dear friend Thuy-Ai Vu-Hong designed and created the most beautiful hand-made gifts to give to everyone who bought the CD at the concert – a transparent three-dimensional heart and a transparent booklet containing the words of the songs, each song written in the shape of a heart. As a limited edition special gift, she made over 100 hearts and booklets, each patiently sewn together by hand, wrapped in ribbon around each CD, and meticulously placed in a glassine gift bag with a custom-made sticker of the CD cover. A work of art to be treasured. Thank you Thuy-Ai!!

Create in Me a Pure Heart is available on CD and download from lukeslott.bandcamp.com

Thuy-Ai's factory... making the hearts...

Thuy-Ai's factory... The assembly line...

Thuy-Ai's factory... making the booklets...

Thuy-Ai's factory... packaging the gifts...

All the artists together on stage at Carmel Nights


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