Shirin Sahba

A few months ago, I was e-troduced to one of the most talented artists I’ve ever come across, Shirin Sahba (

I immediately wrote to her to ask if she would be interested in combining her paintings with my music in the form of a CD cover. Of course, I was not the first musician forming a line at Shirin’s door with this request… (I should have known – these paintings are musical on their own already!)

Suffice it to say that, just as I came out of the recording studio after the session on ‘Create in Me a Pure Heart’, (a new mini-album due out on March 21st), I received an email from Shirin explaining that circumstances had changed and the queue of musicians at her door had somehow been re-arranged. And therewith, an invitation to put her paintings and my music together.

Straight off to graphic-design-land with one of Shirin’s painting to dress up my new album!

You can have a look at Shirin’s mesmerizing paintings and get a glimpse of the album’s artwork at

Thank you Shirin!



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